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SECTION 1: Required Information

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SECTION 2: Pickup Information

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SECTION 3: Destination Information

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SECTION 4: Preferred Method of Payment

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SECTION 5: Special Instructions
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Contract Conditions
I have read the terms and conditions below and agree to all. I am 21 years
or older and take full responsibility for the persons using this service.
I authorize Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. to process the credit card
number given above without card imprint in order to secure the deposit or
pay the balance of the contract fee and any damages incurred as per the
terms and conditions of this contract.

This contract is not guaranteed until a MAJOR CREDIT CARD is applied to
the reservation for confirmation.

FULL PAYMENT is required 14 days prior to the reservation date for
checks or as noted on the contract. NO REFUNDS are given for cancellations
unless Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. is able to re-book that vehicle for
the same time. Gift certificates are non-refundable. A $25.00 administration
fee is charged for return checks. After 30 days, returned checks will be
placed in collection


CONTRABAND - Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. will refuse to transport
anyone in possession of a weapon or illegal substance. Authorities may be

ALCOHOL - Guests of legal age may bring aboard alcohol with permission
of Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. If alcohol is found with under aged
guests, it will be confiscated and not returned. Alcohol related problems by
guests of any age might result in the termination of the service with no
refund on the total charge. The chauffeur may contact authorities if the
problem is considered serious. Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. is not
responsible for injuries to guests whose injury is related to alcohol.

LANGUAGE - profanity is not tolerated in or around the Adventure
Limousine Service, Inc. vehicles.

NOISE LEVEL - The chauffeur may ask guests to lower video and audio
sound levels or excessive noise by guests. Failure to comply may cause the
service to be terminated without refund. The chauffeur at his or her
discretion may refuse to raise the divider in limousines.

CLEANING CHARGE - Extra charge may be imposed for excessive mess. Vomit
is an automatic $200.00 charge inside the vehicle and $100.00 charge on the
outside of the vehicle.

DAMAGE - The person who's credit card appears above on this online
contract will be responsible for all guest damages. Damages will be charged
at 125% of repair cost The contract signer is responsible to inspect the
vehicle chartered prior to departure to determine any previous damages. No
shoes are allowed on the upholstery or bar areas. Gum not properly disposed
of will be charged for removal cost. Food or drink spills will be charged
for cleaning.

FOOD - Permission must be granted to bring aboard any food. The
chauffeur may refuse some types of food. No coolers allowed in limousines,
trunk or storage only. No leaky coolers allowed.

GLASSWARE- All limousine glassware must remain in the limousine.
Broken glassware is charged at $5.00 per glass.

WINDOWS AND SUNROOFS - the chauffeur controls Sunroofs. No leaning out
windows or shouting or throwing objects from windows. Violation may
terminate the contract with no refunds.

DRESS CODE - Proper attire is expected at all times. No golf shoes
allowed in vehicles.

ADVENTURE  LIMO CANCELLATION POLICY - Cancellation by Adventure Limo
due to mechanical or driver causes will be limited to the amount of the
remaining charter only if Adventure Limo was not able to substitute the
vehicle or driver. Adventure Limo reserves the right to substitute the
vehicle and driver to another firm if it see's fit. Cancellations due to
weather or road conditions are not refundable. All reservations must be
canceled within 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time. All
reservations not canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up time
will incur a charge of 100 % of  the above service requested.

SEATING - Limousines have seat belts. Limo buses have no seat belts.
Seating is essential at all times while in motion. Adventure Limousine
Service, Inc. is not responsible for injuries to guests who are not seated
during transit.

PASSENGER COUNT - The person submitting this online contract or a group
leader is responsible for passenger count though out the charter.

ROAD AND HAZARDS - Adventure Limousine Service, Inc. or it's chauffeurs
will decide if conditions are safe to proceed for passenger or vehicle
safety reasons.

Thank You !
Adventure Limousine Service, Inc.

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